Environmental Justice

Can trees be a force for equity? In a world where historically underserved neighborhoods face worse air and water quality and lack access to nature, trees can be the start of a solution. By engaging with and listening to communities, we can help strengthen them and improve their quality of life. Discover how the Arbor Day Foundation strives to support collaborative environmental justice projects where trees are needed most.

Investing in Home

The Creekside Community in Greer, South Carolina welcomed its first residents in 2008. See how this community came together to root themselves in a sense of home.

Explore how a community came together to root themselves.

Trees as a Force for Equity

As temperatures rise, historically underserved communities are feeling the heat. Explore how communities like Parkwood in Nashville are using trees as a strategy to combat urban heat islands to cool an area otherwise lacking community canopy.

Learn how neighborhood trees can make life better for residents.

A Tree Can Be An Equalizer

Trees are a powerful way to make neighborhoods and cities more liveable places. But not everyone has equal access to trees. See how using trees as a tool in environmental justice work takes a combination of local knowledge, community preferences, and science.

See how trees can be a tool in environmental justice work.

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Read how our work comes to life in forests and communities around the world.

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